Sunday, 18 August 2013


Yesterday i went to watch wolverine with my bestfriend...have not had much quality time with her lately since she is crazy busy with work during the day and classes in the evenings and weekends it was nice spending time with her catching up, laughing and taking pics as is usual for us.This is what i decided to wear....jeans my usual casual saturday look and a small was sunny so i decided to take full advantage:)


Hey lovelies, hope you are all well and having a fab weekend:).Been a minute since i last posted been busy working at my job, the design business too, meeting suppliers, spending quality time with family and friends .
Friday night was a wild night...i decided to go out with some of my girlfriends i had not seen in a while..and this is what i decided to wear...a simple blue pencil trouser and stripped pink and white crop top,simple accessories,heels and was good to go.
It was a very lovely evening we danced,had a few was so much fun i dint even get time to take clearer pics....pardon me for the ones that are not clear took them at my place before we left and it was at night.

Atleast you have an idea of what i wore that friday wild night out plus the outfit was convenient as it's soo cold in Nairobi...anything short or that shows more skin would have been a miss.Less is more..i believe i don't need to show too much:).

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


I love how colourfull the pants are....

More Afro-swimwear.....
The peplum skirt looks so lovely....
I just fell in love with the colours of the fabric....
This is the kind of dress i would go on a vacation with...maybe when going to the beach..    

The dress...OMG! Simply adorable.....this blew my mind away...fabulousity. this is a unique one...peplum lovely though and unique is good. The strapless top looks lovely but i would go for a totally different colour....maybe a bit darker...depends with one's taste really and choice. Love the design though..
The top part of this last design OMG...if you can get one like that to wear with your favourite pair of fitting will definately turn,love,love it! And the colours....simply adorable and fun.                                                                                                                                                      t